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EDEN - The Andrew Collins Website.

The official site for up to date information on books and events from the countrys leading cutting edge author on ancient civilisations and solving historical enigmas.

Home of Questcon, annual conference exploring the answers to life and the universe as we know it.

Yuri Leitch

Talented Glastonbury based artist and historical researcher on the matter of Britain.


Specialist secondhand bookshop specialising in cultural history and esoteric beliefs of the world. Also holds regular talks and workshops on related subjects


Homepage of David Rankine and Sorita D'Este, leading magical and pagan authors. Also organisers of many high profile workshops and events.

The study of phenomena associated with the supernatural, the paranormal and the occult.


Networking site for the pagan/magical community

Home of the Institute of Paranormal Research

Networking site for those interested in the esoteric arts.


A discussion forum for the occult arts holding regular lectures and meetings in central London.

The Atlantis bookshop

London's oldest occult book store, started in 1922. New and secondhand books on all esoteric subjects

Pagan and esoteric networking site for all your magical needs

Discover how you can develop both your personal and proffesional life as every aspect of your character, anilysed in incredible depth with the birth chart analysis.

Fantasy and pagan gift ideas, including books, figurines and prints.

"Add explosive power to all your magick, spells, invocations and healing rituals. Life force generators are the new technonlogy."